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Hypnosis TV Show is the place for Reality Hypnosis Shows. Everyday attractive Now in these Reality Hypnosis Shows you will witness the
induction (This is how you get a person to a deep relaxed state). You will watch as subjects think helium balloons are tied to their wrist.
Hypnosis subjects have fire placed under their hands to demonstrate how deep they have traveled.

When the subject hears a key word such as Former President Bill Clinton's phrase " I feel your pain". This will cause the subject to have a
sexual feeling. This suggestion is also given through a handshake or a foot massage. Some subjects will become a Wild On E Host and put on
nylons because they have turned into a magicians assistant about to be sawed in half.

Hypnosis subjects are frozen in time, others fall in love with their nylon legs, subjects imagine simple objects that make them hi. Subjects will
talk into their high heel shoe thinking they are a White House operator. Hypnosis subjects will see people naked through imaginary peep

Subjects bodies will become stiff and rigid as a piece of steel, which is called catalepsy. All performances have basically the same set up with
exception of a different attractive lady for each performance.

I take my act out to various location looking for different attractive ladies to hypnotize for my show. The hypnosis I perform is for adult
audiences, keep this in mind if booking me for a show. Thanks so much for logging into my hypnosis site. I don't claim to be the greatest
hypnotist in the world. I have just perfected what I like to do and have marketed my shows to those individuals who have similar interest in
hypnosis as myself.

email me if you like for me to perform at your next adult function or if you would like to sponsor a show.
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Wisconsin Stef Hypnotized
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Wisconsin Stef Hypnotized
April 27, 2013
Recent Hypnosis Shows