Flight Attendants Hypnotized 2015
I found Two Flight Attendants on a Lay Over.
The Blond was the best subject. I started with
induction having them relax as I count
backwards from 20. First suggestion itchy
boots, next suggestion fire under hand.
Subject did helium balloon suggestion,
forgets numbers, looks through peep hole
see's naked people. Subject goes fishing,
Subject talks into her High Heal Boot because
she thinks it's a phone talking to Bill Clinton
as a White House Operator. Oh when she
hears Bill Clinton say the famous phrase "I
feel Your Pain" subject has orgasm. We
stretch subject out stiff and rigid, subjects
hands keep moving very fast can not stop.
Subject is sawed in half is afraid of my hand
then it's funny. Subject plays shaky hands
and feet game. Subject thinks I am George
Clooney. At the end subject becomes Zombie
screams really loud, mouth is numb, tongue
comes out, eyes roll into head Great Super
Cool Subject :) 32 Minutes Running Time.
Download after you buy the show. If show
does not download right away, it is e-mail
within 24 hours ok Thanks for watching.