Cat Woman Hypnotized 2015

I met Cat Woman Outside Metro Con in
Tampa, Fla. It only takes Cat Woman 3
minutes to go into deep hypnotic trance. I
perform Helium Balloons suggestion with Cat
Woman, Make Cat Womans Arm Stiff, Cat
Woman Socks and Shoes become itchy. Cat
Woman removes Boots And Socks. Cat
Womans Mouth Becomes Numb And Tongue
Comes Out. Cat Woman Can Hardly Speak,
Eyes Roll Into Head, Cat Woman Forgets
Number 7, Cat Woman Sings in Spanish, Cat
Woman Becomes afraid of cell phone. Takes
Off Other Boot, Stretch Out Cat Woman Stiff &
Ridged. I Give Cat Woman Big O suggestion
as she Becomes White House Operator. Cat
Woman Can Not Quit Spinning Hands

Cat Woman Hypnotized 2015
32 Minutes Running Time