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105 Minutes Run Time
Tina Hypnotized 7/21/14
I met Tina on a Impulse Saturday Night at a local bar. I
hypnotized her at the bar. Then the next day I rented
hotel room and got some good footage. Nobody looses
their close in this show. There are few pantyhose
suggestion, long inductions, very sexy pantyhose feet
and heels. Imaginary Ropes tied to legs to pull them
apart, Tina's mouth becomes numb Tina has Imaginary
Helium Balloons tied to her wrist. We take her heels off,
She rubs her nylons to have a small sexual suggestion,
she reels in a fish, we put fire under her hand, we do
zombie eyes with her but her eyes just do that part a
little bit. She is stretched out between two chairs. I
massage her feet to take her deeper. She really forgets
number 3 and I take her over to the bed where I place
her into a larger trance. Here she awakes from her
deep hypnotic sleep. I hope to do more with Tina. She is
super sexy. I give Tina a no smoking suggestion and
take away negative energy she has felt all that week.
Imaginary Novocaine placed in her mouth which makes
her head become very loose and relaxed. Tina becomes
a magician assistant and thinks the blade which is a
folder is funny. There is a close up of her nylon toes as
she curls them to take her into a deeper trance.
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Tina Hypnotized 7/21/14
105 Minutes Run Time